Treatment Zone



This treatment is ideal for clients with time constraints and skin concerns. It involves choice of comfort zone Purifying, Moisture, Remedy or Recovery range.This facial will leave your skin feeling firm and glowing. (Include consultations and add to any package).

PURIFYING ZONE 60 min $130

Purifying and rebalancing with a deep cleanse, facial massage and biophasic mask.
This treatment is ideal for those clients with stressed skin and for those from colder climates. It involves a three step deep cleanse and exfoliation and a relaxing face, neck and décolleté massage. The treatment is ultimately completed with a mask specifically selected by the skin consultant for you evoking a state of peace and tranquility.

REMEDY ZONE 60 mins $130

Soothing, Fortifying and Defence.
Ideal for inflamed, irritated and sensitive skin prone to redness, Enriched with marula oil and botanical extracts for protection, inflammation and hydration. Recommended in pregnancy.

ANTI-AGEING ZONE 60 min $140 / 90 mins $185

Skin regimen, Anit-ageing and lifting treatment.
This is ideal for those wanting a powerful anti-ageing treatment. The maslanic acid peel is supplemented with the Gel renewer mask or biphasic lifting mask, to give you an instant improvement in skin tone, compactness and radiance.


Deep hydrating and moisturising.
Utilising pure collagen sheets in the mask, this is an ideal facial for those suffering from dehydration and dryness. Beneficial for all skin types to enhance and restore the hydro-balance of the skin, The skin is left beautifully luminous, toned and fresh.

ACTION ZONE 90 min $185

Our signature facial that firms, tones and lifts, ideal for mature skins.
An exclusive anti-ageing and restructuring treatment. It is ideal for clients wanting a complete anti-ageing overhaul. This intensive facial involves eight steps including a deep cleanse, full face, neck and décolleté massage, an intensive biophasic peel off mask, eye and skin moisture treatment.


Our specialised anti-ageing facial, ideal for visible wrinkle soothing and anti-ageing protection. Includes maslinic acid peel, lifting face treatment, Tranquillity Oil massage and Juvenate Pro Booster (products containing chia seeds, maqui berry, spinach and carnine). Includes argan oil scalp massage and nourishing hair mask.


MASSAGES 30 min $60 / 60 min $110 90 min $160 / 120 min $195

RELAXATION MASSAGE – A complete experience of body and mind using the Comfort Zone Tranquillity Blend.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE – A gentle treatment, either pre or post natal, relieving tension from back, shoulders and legs.

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE – A soothing full body massage with a choice of essential oils to suit your individual needs. (also see Aromazone)


SPECIALISED MASSAGE – 30 min $70 / 60 min $120 / 90 min $170 / 120 min $205

LOMI LOMI MASSAGE – A spiritual technique based on Hawaiian philosophies of flowing strokes to restore harmony and balance.

LYMPHATIC MASSAGE – A gentle but highly effective treatment for detoxing and to relieve excess fluid retention.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE – A treatment designed to relieve intense tension in the muscles and the connective tissue by stretching and applying deep pressure.

HOT STONE MASSAGE – A combination of heated stones used to break down toxins and help relieve tension in muscles.

CHINESE CUPPING (combine or add on to treatment)

15 mins to combine with massage extra $25
30mins to combine with massage extra $50

Cupping is a method to dispel stagnation (blood and lymph) thereby improving qi (energy) flow to loosen muscles and sedate the nervous system.
Used to relieve respiratory diseases, back and neck stiffness, anxiety, fatigue, migraines and other ailments.


BODY SCRUB                     30 min $85 / 45 min $110 / 60 min $125

This treatment is designed to assist in exfoliation of dead skin cells, invigorates new blood to the surface of the skin and promotes healthy lymphatic circulation.

BODY WRAP                                             30 min $85 / 45 min $110
60 min $125 (inlcudes scalp, head massage and body moisturiser)

A detoxifying mineralizing deep sea mud or Australian rich green clay, finished with a scalp and head massage.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE                           30 min $60 / 60 min $110

A balancing, intense and stimulating head, neck and scalp massage with argan oil. Includes patchouli and orange hair mask. Deeply relaxing which increases energy flow.

EAR CANDLING                    $30 min $50 / 45 min $75 / 60 min $100

A way to stimulate immune circulation to cleanse and harmonize energy and auras. To alleviate symptoms such as sinus pressure headaches. Releasing blocked energy and points of tension (combine with scalp / neck massage)

HYDRO BATH                                                                    30 min $50

Time to zone out in a relaxing Tranquillity hydrobath, with an indulging aromatic oil blend. Includes wine and chocolates (add to any treatment).


HIS FACE                                                                    60 min $130

A hydrating purifying and re-balancing face treatment. This intense deep cleansing ensures your face will feel fresh and regenerated.

HIS BODY                 30 min     $70 / 60 min    $120 / 90 min    $170

A choice of Relaxation or Therapeutic massage with a unique aromatic blend of orange and sandalwood.

HIS FOOT ZONE                           30 min    $60 / 60 min    $110

This foot treatment includes stimulating Himalayan scrub, foot massage with reflexology and Comfort Zone Vital Leg Cream to refresh and enhance circulation in your legs.

HIS TOP AND TOES                                                  120 min $195

Enjoy being spoilt from top to toes. An intense cleansing and rehydrating face treatment combined with a body treatment & scalp and foot therapy.

HIS MUSCLE AND MIND RELAXER                       90 min     $170

A Deep Tissue Massage with intense scalp and foot therapy.



ARM Half $35 / Full $55
LEG Half $35 / Full $55
BRAZILIAN from $60
MALE WAXING – BACK Half $35 / Full $55
MALE WAXING – CHEST Half $35 / Full $55

Express: file, cut, cuticles, moisturise and nail polish 30 min $50
Tranquillity: file, cut, cuticles, scrub, massage and nail polish 45 min $75
Deluxe: file, cut, cuticles, scrub, massage, mask and nail polish 60 min $95
ADD ON gel polish 15 min $25
ADD ON gel polish removal 15 min $15


MINI ME ZONE 60 min $100

For the little people wanting to be pampered, choose from either hand / foot / facial massage (tailored to individual needs).

HAND & FOOT ZONE 60 min $110

Need to calm your inner self? Let us do our magic to your hands and feet. By combining a scrub/reflexology/mask and massage, your whole body and mind will be at peace.

HOLIDAY ZONE 90 min $165

Relax with a Purify Zone facial, 30 min aroma massage and soothing foot therapy.

RECOVERY ZONE 90 min $175

Feel recovered and refreshed with a 30 min comfort zone citrus or Himalayan salt scrub, 30 min aroma soul massage and 30 min leg and foot treatment with Comfort Zone vital leg gel to reduce discomfort and swelling.

REMEDY ZONE 120 min $205

Enjoy an enriched, healing and nourishing treatment, Includes 30 min soothing massage, 60 min Remedy Zone Facial and aromatic head and scalp treatment (includes aroma hair mask). Ideal for pregnancy or sensitive skins.

ZEN ZONE 120 min $205

Step into your zen zone with a Comfort Zone Tranquillity Facial and 1 hour aromatherapy (Palmarosa) massage.

DETOX ZONE 120 min $225

Cleanse yourself with Himalayan sea salt, marine mud wrap and a lymphatic massage. A detoxifying facial will then leave you feeling youthful and radiant.

(Spa signature treatment) 120 min $225

Enjoy the luxury of our earthly essence vibrationally charged rose body polish giving a sense of presence and mindfulness to the body (enriched with rose petals, evening primrose, colloidal silver and specially selected essential oils). Followed by a gentle body treatment and complemented with a luxurious feminine essence rose body butter. (Add Rosemilk hydrobath extra $50).

COUPLE’S RETREAT 120 min $205 pp

Be in the zone with that special someone. Includes 30 min peppermint foot therapy, 60 min deep relaxation massage, 30 min purifying facial finished with a relaxing argan oil head and scalp treatment.

180 min $295
Indulge yourself with a Comfort Zone Aroma Soul massage, nourishing Head and Scalp Therapy, Sacred Nature Tranquillity Facial and Special Foot Ritual. A wonderful nurturing treatment. Finish with hydro-bath, wine and chocolates.


Book a day or evening a the Day Spa for that special occasion with family or friends (choice of packages available on request). 4-6 clients, includes wine and chocolates in our Relax Zone. (see link to comfort zone lounge group packages)


JADE STONE MASSAGE   60 min $120

A gentle massage with unique jade stones facilitating fluidity and transmission of the vital energy towards the heart chakra, encourages relaxation and calming the mind.


Scrub / Wrap / Hot Stones
The aroma therapeutic action along with the Thermogenic self-heating mud and Hot Stone Therapy encourages effective tension-relief of head, neck, shoulders and back, bestowing a sensation of overall well-being.


Sink into a blissful state of relaxation with the aroma of our citrus and floral blends dropped on the spinal nerves with gentle feathery movements combined with an access BARS session (on the head) where points are effortlessly touched to erase emotions and considerations you haver stored. The possibility to let go of everything.

ACCESS CONSCIOUS RITUAL  60 min $150 / 90 min $195 / 120 min $250 / 180 min $295
(including energetic facelift)

Embrace yourself into a wonderful conscious experience including access bars (on the head) and Access Body Process.

The body is touched effortlessly and easily realising anything that doesn’t allow you to receive. These points contain all the thought, ideas, emotions and considerations you have stored.

“This is a possiblility for you to let go of everything”.

*Pre booking required
All packages include consultation & herbal tea in our Relax Zone.


What can Bars Change?

  • • Phobias
  • • Deeper sleep
  • • Unlock creativity
  • • Melt emotional overwhelm
  • • Ease with exams
  • • Depression
  • • More energy
  • • Find clarity & calm
  • • Relationships
  • • More possibilities
  • • Body pain
  • • Dissipate stress
  • • Money flows
  • • Body bliss
  • • Limitations